Is a bespoke kitchen right for you?


Is it time you invested in a bespoke kitchen and gave yourself the perfect space you’ve always dreamed of?

Purchasing a kitchen typically involves sifting through the catalogues from a supplier, selecting a custom configuration of prefabricated, mass-produced units and fixtures. Hampered and frustrated along the way by the dimensions of the room and the positioning of service outlets.

While this can create an impressive and highly functional kitchen space, there is nothing quite like a bespoke, custom built kitchen – designed and delivered exactly as you want it, and crafted to make the best use of your space and needs.

But is a bespoke kitchen for you? To help you, here are some of the most important questions we get asked about the bespoke kitchens we create for our customers.

How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is, how much will it cost? It’s also one of the most important questions as well. But one of the hardest to answer. The cost of bespoke kitchens is undefinable – you can go to extremes if money is no object. Or you can make great savings if you work with the right designers and craftsmen.  On balance, however, a bespoke kitchen is likely to be more expensive than the average Ikea kitchen. But what you get in return is something that beautiful, crafted specifically for you in a way no off-the-shelf kitchen ever could be.

How much choice will I have?

Choosing a bespoke kitchen, means you have complete control over all the aspects of your creation. From style and colour to the materials used and finishes. This allows you to create a unique living and working space that truly reflects your personality.  As every home is different with a multitude of different styles, your bespoke kitchen should follow the same schemes of your house. Our hand-built kitchens allow you to make no compromises and only have the things you want.

Can you accommodate a difficult space?

All our designs are created to fit into your room, effortlessly. If you have a peculiar shaped room, with odd dimensions, a bespoke kitchens is the perfect option for you. Every piece we create can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

My style and taste are eclectic, to say the least, can you cope?

Our custom-made kitchens can incorporate any different style. Whether it’s a minimalistic designs, presenting a beautifully understated, sophisticated kitchen, or a traditional bespoke kitchen with rustic, country, old world themes, we can accommodate and work with you to deliver exactly to your dreams.

What kind of materials and appliances do you provide?

We work with only the best partners and suppliers to deliver the best. The types of materials we use vary depending on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve. Some of the our popular choices are solid oak for cabinets and granite or glass for work surfaces. However, the options are endless and entirely up to you.

Customer made with the individual touch

Choosing a kitchen depends on a wide range of factors, such as your taste, the age and style of your house, budget and timescales.  At Kingston Cabinets we deliver to you by  offering you something extremely special. With our set of highly skilled designers and craftsmen, we can help you realise your dreams, to make your perfect kitchen a reality.

Speak to our experts about our luxury bespoke kitchens by calling  0800 988 6009.