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We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our bespoke radiator cabinets, but what does craftsmanship mean for our customers?

Does craftsmanship matter?

The term “craftsman” is used in all sorts of contexts. In the traditional sense, it is the skill by which something is made, typically by hand. But true “craft” involves more than something being handmade. Plenty of people can build a serviceable cabinet, but not everyone can build something of high craftsmanship.

For us, at Kingston Cabinets, craftsmanship is the single most important quality we value.

Our understanding of craftsmanship means building and designing to exacting standards, so that we can produce the best quality cabinets, exactly as our clients want them.

Bespoke Cabinets Built with Passion

Being a craftsman or woman is all about of having an incredible amount of passion for something. In our case, our radiator cabinets, but craftsmanship can extend to all kinds of products.

We see craftsmanship in lots of places – sometimes in antiques or family heirlooms passed down to us through the generations. But sometimes too in modern products that have been designed and built with quality and passion – think Apple and their commitment to perfection in design and functionality.

Whatever it is we purchase, craftsmanship is always apparent to us, in the quality and cohesiveness of the overall vision. Where passion has run deep in a project, it is obvious that a craftsman has created it.

Signs of Craftsmanship in Bespoke Furniture

Lots of furniture can be handmade, but not all of it has craftsmanship at its heart.

There are signs to look for to make sure that the product you are buying is made with high standards and designed and created by a craftsman. Some classic signs of high craftsmanship in bespoke furniture making include:

  • Exacting fit to your specifications and measurements
  • Precise joints without gaps – all joints should be seamless if measurements are correct
  • Perfectly square corners and flat surfaces
  • Difficult to produce elements, such as complex curves – particularly if these elements are repeated several times
  • Smooth surfaces with uniform finish – eg. colour, texture, varnish, sheen, etc.

Money doesn’t always buy craftsmanship

The most expensive isn’t always the best. True, highly-skilled craftsmen combine traditional methods with modern technology and quality materials to produce something that is  long-lasting and bespoke, rather than something that merely looks expensive.

For us at Kingston Cabinets, true craftsmanship involves caring deeply about the product we are creating. A quote we always remember is that “Craftsmanship deals in the currency of passion, not always in pound signs!”

Kingston Cabinets Craftsman

All our made-to-measure radiator cabinets and bespoke furniture is handcrafted here in the United Kingdom. Our specialist craftsmen, who build and install our radiator cabinets, are highly skilled and take an enormous pride in each item of bespoke furniture they create.

For us it’s a passion. Creating quality radiator cabinets, to exacting standards and delivering to our customers requirements.

The one thing we guarantee in all our work is quality craftsmanship on the wide range of made-to-measure furniture we deliver. We take pride in absolutely everything we do and we are committed in meeting your home furniture needs or whatever else they might be.

Our ethos is to deliver only the best, created by the best craftsmen and women in the world, to give our customers beautiful pieces of furniture with meticulous attention to detail, that add a touch of class to any room.

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