Creating the perfect bedroom space

Headboard set

Your bedroom is a sanctuary. You spend plenty of time there, so it’s important to have a bedroom design that allows you to relax and get a good night’s sleep. For many of us, bedrooms are all about comfort and indulgence.

At Kingston Cabinets, we help people create the perfect bedroom space through our design and furniture. Here are some essential elements we believe will help you turn your bedroom into an indulgent, cosy sanctuary, just the way you deserve.

Beds and bedding make a difference to bedroom space

Your bed is the one piece of furniture you will spend the most time on. Seeing as it’s the most important element in any bedroom, it’s amazing how many of us have spent years putting up with an uncomfortable bed. It’s worth investing in a good base bed and a quality mattress to help you sleep well.

The indulgent extras also make a big difference. Soft bedding is important to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. For extra special comfort, why not splash out on Egyptian cotton. Look for minimum 400 thread count to get the absolute best.

Get the best headboard you can

If you haven’t already considered a beautiful bespoke designer luxury headboard, now could be the time to do exactly that! Though a comparatively simple addition to the bedroom, the right headboard really can be no less than show-stopping. We’re not talking the kinds of generic headboards that often come built into mass-produced beds, but instead the kinds of opulently luxurious designer headboards that allow near-endless scope for customisation. As with all other products from across the wider Kingston Cabinets collection, we can create the headboard of your dreams to complete your luxury bedroom in style.

Consider bedside lighting

Not everyone has a vast bedroom to play with. Quite often, space is at a premium. Bedside tables don’t necessarily have room for lamps, books, phone chargers and all the other bits and pieces you need. You can free up some space by thinking about wall lights next to your bed. With more space on your bedside table or cabinet, you might have room for a few indulgent bits and pieces, like fresh flowers.

Create a seating area

If you do have a larger bedroom, you can give your sleeping space something a bit more, by creating a seating area. An armchair or two gives you the perfect escape space to read or listen to music. Add a small coffee table, and you have space for your Sunday morning papers, to add a bit of luxury to a relaxing morning at home.

Set the mood with your colours

Not everyone will come into your bedroom. It’s a private space for you and close loved ones. Which means you can be a little braver in our choices of colour and the schemes you go for. If you want to go wild and be artistic or experimental, why not go for it?

Alternatively, if you want to keep your sleeping space serene, try a more neutral colour palette. Calmer colours do help calm the mind and set you up for a perfect night’s sleep, but the choice is yours.

Control Natural Light

When it comes to natural light, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms to get right. Any window treatment needs to look beautiful and complement your scheme, but it also has to do a job of work, keeping early morning light out and closing out the night in winter, then letting as much natural light in for your rest and relaxation times.

Whether you opt for shutters, blinds or curtains or any combination, it’s important to make sure the lining is thick enough to do the right job.

Choose furnishings that add character

Another great way to set the mood in your bedroom is through the furniture and furnishings you choose. If you’re really looking to tie your luxury bedroom together with matching furniture and fixtures, at Kingston Cabinets we offer a comprehensive range of ottomans with storage and bedroom seats, which can be upholstered identically to your headboard. We even offer a made to measure valance in matching fabrics, in order to tie the whole room together quite beautifully.

Never forget the flooring

We often go barefoot in the bedroom, so it’s nice to have something soft and warm to stand on when you get out of bed on a cold winter morning. A luxurious, soft carpet for the flooring makes all the difference. But if you love the look of bare floorboards, make sure you choose a soft rug and place it where you’re most likely to stand. You will notice it everyday.

Accessories can make the difference to bedroom space

To finish off your bedroom perfectly, cushions, throws and decorative items add that extra layer of comfort and indulgence. Fabrics and materials that give a sense of luxury will turn a bland bedroom into a personal sanctuary.

At Kingston cabinets, we can help you do this through the made to measure valances we offer in matching fabrics to your headboard and other furniture. With our help you can tie your whole room together quite beautifully.

Kingston Cabinets specialises in the kind of furniture that takes elegance and exclusivity to the highest possible levels. We take enormous pride in helping our customers realise the full potential of their homes’ interiors, offering our full support and design consultancy every step of the way.

For more information or to arrange a free home design visit, get in touch with the Kingston Cabinets customer service team today.