Is a bespoke kitchen right for you?

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Enhance Your Bedroom with Bespoke Fitted Furniture

If you’ve been looking for a simple yet effective way of transforming your bedroom, we’ve got the answer. Kingston Cabinets specialises in the kind of bespoke fitted furniture that’s designed specifically to bring an entirely new dynamic to your interiors. 

New England Radiator Cabinets

Considering a Bespoke Radiator Cabinet? Consider This

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Stunning Home Kitchen Designs from Kingston Cabinets

Maximising the potential of your home means choosing creative and innovative fixtures and furniture, created exclusively for you. Purchasing a kitchen typically involves selecting a custom configuration of prefabricated, mass-produced units and fixtures, in accordance with the dimensions of the… Continue Reading


Removing Water Rings From Wooden Furniture

Water rings on wooden furniture can be extremely unsightly. Not to mention, frustrating – given the way in which they’re so easy to avoid in the first place with due care and attention. Once they set in, it’s natural to… Continue Reading