Luxury Designer Headboards: Give Your Bedroom The Instant Improvement It Deserves

Designer headboards

Some may argue it’s the kitchen, others swear blind that it’s the lounge, or even the bathroom, but for more and more of us today, the bedroom is the most important room of the home. So it’s time to make the most of it. Adding some comfort and class with luxury designer headboards.

Your Bedroom is the Most Important Room in Your House

It has taken some time for this fact to be realised. Which is surprising, given the amount of time we spend in the bedroom. The average human will spend around a third of their lives sleeping. Which makes the bedroom the room in the house we generally spend more time in than any other.

For many of us with busy lives and packed schedules, having the time to relax is very important. Also the quality of the sleep we get is also vital. The feel of our bedroom, from the style of bed to the colours and furnishings we choose, is very important for getting good relaxation and rest. It is a proven fact that how we decorate and furnish our bedrooms can have a strong impact on the quality of sleep we get.

Despite this, plenty of people leave their bedroom to the end when they go about designing and decorating the house, attending to the “public areas” first and going for the cheaper options when it comes to the most important room.

Why Leave the Most Important Room Until Last?

In the view of many experts, this is the wrong way to go about it. Creating a stylish and calming bedroom is very important to our general wellbeing and health.

On top of this, the single most important feature of all in the bedroom – the bed itself, is often completely overlooked.  With the abundance of cheap frames and mattresses available, many people opt for the cheap options, expecting that they will be able to sleep on virtually anything.

But there is a reason that five-star hotels spend a small fortune on the beds. When it comes to creating a truly blissful bedrooms, the bed should be at the heart. And when it comes to recreating that luxury hotel look and feel at home, there’s little that gets the job done better than designer luxury headboards.

Luxury Designer Headboards

There is something about the style and sophistication of a top class hotel that makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. And it isn’t until you've seen your own bedroom graced with a stunning upholstered headboard, that you can fully understand the vital difference a simple addition like this can make.

First of all, luxury designer headboards instantly frame the bed, adding an exclusive style and sophistication to your room. The upholstered headboard becomes a focus point for the room transforming the visual dynamic of your bed from every angle.

It doesn’t matter how big your current bed is, or what type or design, with a luxury designer headboard, your bedroom will be taken to the next level.

Practical Headboards

The second benefit all those who invest in a luxury headboard receive is a very comfortable surface to aid relaxation, between those using the bed and the wall behind.

Upholstered headboards have the practical application of transforming the comfort and appeal of almost any bed, maximising the enjoyment your bedroom brings you day after day.

Along with this, a quality upholstered headboard, such as those provided by Kingston Cabinets.  This will make an important difference in terms of sound control and noise reduction.

The headboard will add an additional insulator to the room, helping with heat preservation and exterior noise reduction.

All of this plays a significant role in maximising your relaxation and sleep quality, by simply installing this single sophisticated item.

Custom Designed Luxury Headboards

There are thousands of different headboard shapes, sizes and styles on the market. But for real style and to make sure you have the best results for your room, it comes highly recommended to consider ordering a custom-made product from the experts.

Custom-made luxury designer headboards will fit perfectly into your space, flawlessly matching your needs and your bedroom.

There’s really no better way of bringing that bit of five-star luxury to your bedroom.

Talk to us today about creating the perfect solution for your bed.