7 Ideas for Transforming your Under Stairs Storage

under stairs storage

The stairs are usually the first thing people see when they come into your home, but what’s going on underneath? The under stairs is a bit of a blank space that many are unsure what to do with. Often boarded up and used as a standard storage cupboard, why not get creative? Take a look at these examples of under stairs storage and see of what you could do to optimise the space.

Under stairs Shelving Unit

A basic, yet sleek and easy approach to creating under stairs storage, shelving is great for organising anything in your home. From books, to hallway ornaments, you can use minimal effort to fit in whatever you may need storing away or displaying neatly.

Under stairs Reading Nook

Sometimes you need an extra space for your quiet reading time. Turning your under stairs into a reading nook is great for this as it’s a perfect little hideaway ready to be filled with cushy seating for you to relax in. Maybe using the under stairs storage as a bookshelf along with your seating.

Under stairs Shoe Storage

Shoes, they’re great when you’re wearing them, but such a pain when they need to be kept out the way. Turn your under stairs storage into an under stairs shoe rack.  They are great for providing your shoes with a place when not in use, but it’s not always nice having them on show. Kingston can fit pull out shoe racks to keep everything hidden until needed.

Under Stairs Welcome Closet

There are many options for storing shoes and coats, but if you want to add a little bit of style, then turn your under stairs storage into a welcome closet! Have a bit of interior design with some nice lighting and let it be more than just a simple hanging space.

Under stairs bar

Are you an entertainer with an open plan setup? Why not go the extra mile and add a small, under stairs bar? It makes a wonderful conversation starter when visitors walk in, and it will give your home a touch of class!

Under Stairs Pet’s Bedroom

Do you love your paw pals so much that you think they deserve their own room? Well, many people are jumping on board with this idea recently, and we can see why. Your under stairs can be used to create a wonderful bed space for your pet, giving them a place to go when the house gets a bit too busy for them.

Under Stairs Home Office

Sometimes you just don’t have an extra room in your house for a home office. Luckily, many are taking advantage of using extra corners and spaces to make a small office area, and under stairs storage space is ideal for doing so. There are so many ideas you could work with to create the look you want with the space you have to work with, and Kingston can help create that for you.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with Kingston today to discuss what you could do with the space under your stairs. Our experts have years of design experience which they can tailor to your home needs, so why not talk to one of us about what you want for your home?