8 Storage Hacks and Ideas for your Child’s Bedroom

Storage hacks
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Children are known for creating clutter, that’s why it is imperative to have as many storage solutions as possible in order to utilise space, while keeping the room welcoming and play time friendly for your child. We have put together this handy list of storage hacks and ideas to help keep your child’s bedroom neat and tidy while maintaining a fun environment.

Floating shelves







Having toys at an easy reach for children is important for their safety, but you don’t have to keep everything on one big shelving unit. Floating shelves and frames are an ideal way to ensure your child’s toys are at arm's length without having to compromise the space in the room.

Storage benches

Storage benches are a common way for storage hacks to store bedding and other items that your child won’t be using themselves. There are many children's designs available to suit your child’s bedroom theme.

Multipurpose furniture


There are many ways to utilise the furniture in your child’s bedroom. Double duty seating is one option, ideal for storing away any arts and crafts items. If you want to get creative, however, you can repurpose old narrow shelving units and make you own storage bench as mentioned above.



Hideaway bed/play area


If your child’s bedroom has wardrobe or storage space built in, or the room is in a loft space with extra alcoves and corners, you could redesign its purpose. Depending on size, you can create a hideaway bed, or a hidden reading nook, with a cabin design. This will also allow space for extra storage underneath, making it the perfect hideaway for your little one.



Play Table


By creating a personalised play table for your child, not only will you provide them with a designated area for using their toys, but you will also be creating extra space to store the toys as you can add drawers or boxes to go underneath. Match this with your double duty seating and you have a quarter of the room designed for play and organisation.



Under bed Storage


An easy method to storing items away is by using wheeled boxes and under bed drawers. If you don’t have a bed that includes under bed storage, then there are many options available online, in a variety of designs.






Other storage hacks and benefits to having a pegboard in your child’s bedroom is that it can be redesigned over the years for every aspect of their life. From storage for baby changing to a study layout when they reach high school, pegboards provide multipurpose use no matter what you may need it for.



Bespoke fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture


If you would like to dedicate a part of your child’s bedroom for storage, while keeping the rest of the space for play, then a bespoke fitted wardrobe is ideal to keep everything in one place, and can be tailored with your family’s needs in mind. Kingston offer a variety of bespoke fitted wardrobes, with advice from a team of design experts who can create something ideal based on what you would like and what you will need.



If these ideas have hit you with a wave of inspiration, and you would like to fit your child’s bedroom with personalised, bespoke furniture, then contact Kingston today. We would love to discuss how we can help transform your child’s room into a haven for all things play and tidy away!