9 Things to know about creating a Designer Dressing Room

If you’re a label lover with a wardrobe you simply must showcase, or you simply like to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories neatly organised and stored away, a designer dressing room is something many wish to be installed in your home. With consideration for space and a team of professionals by your side, creating a designer dressing room is easier than you may think. Here is a selection of top tips that need to be considered before going any further.

Finding space for your designer dressing room

There are a few ways to approach building a designer dressing room. If you have a large enough bedroom, you can use some of that space to build the designer dressing room into the room. For example, take advantage of space available under any eave by sectioning it off, place drawers against the short wall and add hanging space against the new, full length partition.

If you intend on extending your home to add a new bedroom or bathroom, you can design the layout with a designer dressing room in mind. Getting your thoughts together before you come to us to help design your designer dressing room can save you time as well as give you a clear idea of how much and what kind of storage you may need.

Prioritise hanging in your designer dressing room

It’s easy to add an extra set of drawers in your bedroom if it comes to it, but hanging your clothes isn’t quite the same. Think about the length of your clothing and separate the longer garments from the short ones. From there, measure how long a hanging rail you will need for each and add an extra 20%. An average 2.2m ceiling height will be enough for either two rails for short hanging, one above the other, or one rail for longer garments with shelves or drawers below.

Find ways to use all the space in your designer dressing room

For items you plan to use less often (shoe boxes for example), it may be a good idea to consider adding shelving units above hanging rails or doors. If you have more expensive garments you wish to keep protected from dust, you should think about opting for some closed cupboards.

Though you may think that a selection of closed cupboards can shrink down your designer dressing room, there are ways to avoid this. Bright colours and whites allow for an airier atmosphere, whereas mirrored doors give the illusion of a bigger room.

Best storage solution for your shoes

Shoe bars are great… If you only wear heels. It’s important to think about your flats, especially if you wear them most of the time. To keep all your shoes stored neatly, opt for flat shelving. If you don’t want your footwear on show, or if you have too many to keep on display, perhaps you should consider a pull-out rack to keep your shoe collection your own little secret.

Clever fittings for all purposes

With so many things to store in your designer dressing room, you can get creative with ways you wish to store certain items. Take your jewellery and accessories for example. A slim drawer with separated compartments is a wonderful idea to provide dedicated space and keep all your accessories untangled and organised.

Think about the lighting for your designer dressing room

Good lighting for your designer dressing room does not have to take up a big chunk of your budget. LED’s provide the best light for viewing your garments, and spot lights can be adjusted. Dimmer lighting may be a good idea if you’re up early and not quite ready for a lot of brightness in your eyes.

Keep things closed off

If you don’t want all your garments on show, it’s not a bad idea to close them off. Just as you would with cupboard doors, adding brightly coloured or mirrored doors to your designer dressing room can put emphasis on the space. If you want to keep the room warm, but you don’t want a radiator to take up too much space, then you could consider underfloor heating.

Talk to the experts

If you are thinking about installing a designer dressing room into your home, then look no further. Get in touch with Kingston Cabinets today to see how we can bring your designer dressing room ideas to life.