A Colour Chronicle

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Pick the perfect paint colour palettes the first time around. If you are thinking of going daring, what is stopping you? Times have changed. We no longer need to paint our walls shades of cream or magnolia. No matter the space, shade, aesthetic you're looking for, we have a range of advise for an array of tastes. We have put together some paint colour advice in one place to make it easier.

Bronze Sophisticated Living

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Bronze tones and rose gold effect, reaps elegance, contributing to fabulous palettes for fashion, home and design. It's most certainly a modern styling palette with a firm consideration to the beauty in metallic jewel tones. This style is not to be mixed with the neon threads of the world due to its sophistication and richness. Perfect for the ease of living-room tranquility.

Snug & Elegant Fruit Hues

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A perfect mix of tropical summer hues. The hues attributed to fruit photography often focus on juicy primary colours, however here we tone those stark primary colours for a gentler approach. A unique showcase of elegant colours and textures against an ocean turquoise backdrop, will stand the test of time, for as long as these fruits are grown and produced. The five samples above are contemporary and classic. A perfect assortment for a snug room.

Conservatory Autumnal Aesthetics

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Rusty browns, burnt oranges and acid yellows from the elements, create warmth and harmony that immediately relax the soul. Warm autumnal hues arranged in a spectrum order and matched with pantone swatches of cloudy blues to give a colour contrast. The changing of leaves in autumn are just one of many beautiful palettes, nature has to offer. How soothing and fitting for a games room or conservatory room.

Bathroom Brass & Blues

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Bathrooms at their best are a really personal space. A retreat from the world. But so often they are uniform or utilitarian. To the individual, it can be really important that the bathroom feels like a haven or retreat, that it needs to have personal design or it would feel like a hotel and not like home. Translated with some vintage pieces and some wood with quirk and character. The colour panel above is striking, strong, simple and timeless for your bathroom setting. 


Main Wild Berries

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Wild berries with colour depths unimaginable outside of mother natures gifts. Capturing bold pattern and textured colour of vitality, exuberance and liveliness that this palette will bring into your home. Not just for the daring but for the lovers of life. Foggy lavenders, neon reds and appetising plum purples. Perfect for a romantic atmosphere in your room; master bedroom or otherwise.

A Weathered Gradient for Guests

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Earthy and modest colours, pop up amid the expected holiday palettes. We have a clear spectrum of peaceful colours where the holiday palette and the beach hut themes comes through in its own strength. The contrast of old cliff faces and seaside backdrops, establish a unique gradient of weathered rich colour, dusty greys and soft tints of egg blue with texture combined.  Pale floorboards, stone fireplaces and soft pale walls with highlights of these blues, make this a very relaxing room emphasis without jarring. It's just how you would want your guests to feel when you host them. Sometimes it’s about keeping everything tonally similar which can create a very restful palette. Safe in any room but can be etched into the guest rooms.

Working Smart Not Hard

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Layered colours, firstly green, then white and finally plum or contrasting accessories together. It’s not a look that we see very often and it takes a certain amount of discipline to restrict your palette that much but we love its simplicity here at Kingston Cabinets. We have played with this idea a little. The grey-green sofa matching the soft green walls. Here the dark walls have been thrown into sharp relief by the light flooring and while it’s completely the opposite of the above palette, it also works as the two colours are so strong. But if this is to be tried you need to keep an eye on the proportions. This works because there isn’t too much going on. We have gone so far as to create this completely saturated look and it works. And don’t forget the ceiling, it’s the fifth wall after all. A palette for your office room or lounge. 

Master Chic & Saturated Pop

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Love a staring element? A pop of colour proves that colour goes beyond expected neutrals. It's chic, sophisticated and vibrant. It doesn't have to be done to look cheap and unruly. Done well, you can introduce any colour and bring some brightness and vibrancy into a room. It doesn't have to be mustard, but this is sure to pop. Being wild has nothing to do with it. Changing your mentality from magnolia to foreground a favourite colour is the way forward. Use this idea in your master bedroom and initiate some well-curated and saturated hues. You can always change it down the line to feature a new pop of colour. This is another way to try the saturated look, start with something dark; bed, sofa, table and take the colours gradually paler the further out you go.

Monochromatic Definition

lounge green

Sometimes we forget that a monochrome palette doesn’t just mean black and white but using one predominant colour, making a striking statement. Monochromatic colour schemes are one of the easiest styles to transform a space because it only uses one colour and its various shades lighter and darker as well as intensity and dullness. You can't go too far wrong. We don't all hold the same opinion nor taste on colours but this style is safer than you think and can be implemented into most spaces effectively. 

If we haven't answers all of your colour palette questions, get in touch with us here at Kingston Cabinets. We would be happy to support you in any areas of your home. Give us a call 0800 988 6009 and talk with one of our friendly and helpful advisors. Visit our website on https://kingstoncabinets.com/