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A Home study with a dedicated space

Does every household have an efficient Home Study set up? A space whereby we can take ourselves away from home life after school is finished for the day? Solely and effortlessly engross ourselves into homework and assignments in a dedicated space?

From an early age we are told that one day, when we reach a certain age, once we can count to twenty and recite the alphabet, we must go to school to learn with other children. As children and young adults, we acknowledge we must go to school to learn, seek, grow and become.



But what about home life?

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How can our parents bring the school environment into our home lives, so that we can establish good studying routines, absorb and collaborate information, do our homework and complete those assignments on time, without hassle or distraction?

We know that our parents and guardians encourage, support and promote education to us in any which way that they can, despite the many eye rolls, groans and moans received frequently. We are taught that education is once at school age, and we must put every effort in, to engage, learn and understand, in getting the most out of our school years.

Going back to school after a lovely long summer break

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Having enjoyed the glow of golden at our fingertips, we are succumbed to homework daily and assignments with strict deadlines. For some of us, we miss the wanderlust and grass under foot. For others, the touch of a screen from dawn till dusk, despite our parent’s reluctance in allowing us the privilege of the world at the touch of a button. Mum and Dad have found a team of craftsman who want to make to measure our personalised home study, so that we can create our own study space and work towards those A*.

It is Kingston Cabinets' job to bring ease into everyone’s homes. Incorporating studies to all needing to sanction a space that encourages motivation. Allowing open honest work to flow within home environments, getting those pencils and pens moving.

Kingston Cabinets are the bespoke makers of all things in the home. They specialise in home studies and can transform any space into a productive home study working space.

They can tailor to suit. If you are heavily paper based, Kingston Cabinets would suggest a long desk for those who like to spread out their paperwork, or for the hi tech, tech savvy studiers, Kingston Cabinets can incorporate USB ports and lighting within, for contemporary use.

Wall mount your computer screen

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They can also mount your computer screen to the wall, giving you more desk space. If you have or would like a feature bookcase inline with your study, to maximise your dead wall space behind, your screen can be mounted within the bookcase, allowing more space on your desk as novels and textbooks are filed away.

If you have a small office space Kingston Cabinets will uniquely design your study to use every available inch.

Do you have to share with Mum and Dad?

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Kingston Cabinets can make suspension file drawers. Installing lockable compartments, tailoring all of your needs into one bespoke piece of solid furniture.


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