Bespoke Radiator Cabinets

The Art of Warmth, Through innovative materials and clever designs, our radiator cabinets increase the efficiency of your radiators, making your home warmer.

Bespoke Radiator Cabinets

Kingston Cabinets are experts at creating beautiful bespoke radiator cabinets, all custom-made and fitted by our experienced team to homes nationwide. Choose from a variety of hand-crafted bespoke radiator cabinets in traditional and contemporary designs including Stockholm, New England, Belgravia and Manhattan. Our made to measure radiator cabinets will complement your home, blending in naturally and beautifully.

Kingston Cabinets use innovative materials to ensure our radiator cabinets are energy efficient and durable. Our entire unique radiator cabinets are made in Britain by our skilled craftsmen and cabinet makers from materials sourced in the UK.

The bespoke radiator cabinets in the Kingston Cabinets collection are of the highest quality. Kingston Cabinets team of craftsman are highly experienced and take an immense pride in the work they create, and throughout your design process, Kingston Cabinets aim to exceed your expectations.

The free home design visits provided by Kingston Cabinets offer the perfect opportunity to view the samples of each of the made to measure radiator cabinets in the collection.

The continuous innovation of products combined with their purpose built factory allows Kingston Cabinets to deliver the latest designs and creations. With impressive testimonials from customers, including world renowned interior designers, Kingston Cabinets are clearly the leading bespoke furniture specialists.
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Heat Efficiency

Why you should choose Kingston Cabinets for your heating needs

We use a silver foil designed by market leaders in heat technology, on the reverse of all of our radiator cabinets. Comprised of our unique designs to suit your tastes and style within the home; the functioning vents allow for positive airflow, pulling cold air from the bottom of the cabinet and reflecting hot air through the grille and top vents, back into the middle of the room. Due to the reflective foil, we increase your heat efficiency by 95% as this energy is no longer being lost to windows and walls.

Our framework and grille designs do not challenge positive airflow, they encourage it. Without suffice airflow within the radiator cabinets, you will have heating such down as the radiators are tricked into thinking the heating has reached its maximum set temperature. Without positive airflow, you will not efficiently heat the room, but only the area surrounding the radiator. We guarantee our product works and we will happy say, that having our product in the home will increase your heating substantially.

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