Corner & Profiles

Custom Made Radiator Cabinet Profile Options

The design of each of the custom made radiator cabinets within the Kingston Cabinet collection has their unique profile, drawing attention to the high quality finish and exquisite design.

Custom Made Radiator Cabinet Corner Profile Options

All the custom made radiator cabinets can be finished with round or square cornered tops. The round corners offer an additional safety feature to a custom radiator cabinet, whilst maintaining the quality and design of a Kingston Cabinet.

Personalise Your Custom Made Radiator Cabinet

With so many finishing touches to choose from, finding the design to perfectly complement your home can be achieved with a free home design visit from a Kingston Cabinets design consultant.  The home visits offer the opportunity to view each custom made radiator cabinet in the Kingston Cabinets collection, along with all the finishing options.

From contemporary and modern to classic and traditional Kingston Cabinets offer the finishing touches to complete the perfect design to your bespoke radiator cabinet.  Book your free home design consultation and start planning your finishing touches.