Bonfire Night


Bonfire Night

With Bonfire Night around the corner, it's always enjoyable arranging where we will attend a local fireworks display. We all love a good Bonfire Night gathering with friends and family on an evening to enjoy the fireworks display, the bonfires and the atmosphere of the community. For those that like to stay in, we begin collecting firewood for our own back garden firepits and bonfires. 

Wrapping Up


Bonfire night is all about piling on as many layers as possible and we love it! At last, we can take our wellies out of summer retirement, tuck scarves into our coats and pull winter hats firmly over our ears, wrapping up in big coats, chunky scarves and knitted hats and gloves with our wellies! This joyous time, is where we can get on board with mulled wine and hot chocolates with our loved ones and enjoy the event.  The biting cold might leave our breaths puffing out in clouds, but from the depths of our favourite thick jacket, we are ready.


Bonfire Night

It’s rare to find a person who isn’t attracted to the glittery fun of sparklers. There is something very magical about fireworks and sparklers as they instantly fill people with happiness and they bring back so many nostalgic memories. Traditionally every year on Bonfire Night most households will enjoy lighting sparklers, whilst the many firework displays carry on around Great Britain. It's the one night in the year where children write their names with sparklers and we gather with our loved ones, celebrating across the nation.

Toffee Apples

toffee apples

When else is it acceptable to eat pieces of fruit coated in a sticky layer of sugary goodness? Whether they’re covered in soft caramel or have a crunchy glaze, toffee apples aren’t just delicious, they’re also incredibly fun to make. Gather your family and friends together to prepare your apples, then go out into the night clutching your treats.

Historical Accounts

Gun Powder Plot

Over 400 years ago, Guy Fawkes was part of a team of 13 Catholics, brought together to carry out the Gunpowder Plot. Intending to blow up King James I and his government whilst they were in the famous Houses of Parliament. The reason Guy Fawkes wanted James I dead is because Guy and his counterparts were Catholics and they had expected James to be more tolerant of them in his ruling. However, James proved to be the opposite and had ordered all Catholic priests to leave the country.

This angered many Catholics. They decided to kill James and put his daughter Elizabeth on the throne ensuring that she was a Catholic. This led to a plot to kill not only the king of England, but all those sitting in the Houses of Parliament at the same time as James on November 5th, 1605.

Fifth of November

Bonfire Night

Fawkes was found and arrested while guarding explosives that the plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords. Fawkes was tortured until he give the names of his counterparts. There were 36 barrels of gun powder found in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament. The ploy was rumbled when one of the Catholic Gunpowder Plot team wrote to a friend in parliament. He warning him of the plan to blow up him and his colleagues. He warned him to stay away on November 5th.

Guy Fawkes was born in April 1570 in York. His maternal grandparents were Catholics. Although his immediate family were all Protestants, in keeping with the accepted religious practice in England at the time. Fawkes was sentenced to death by hanging; a traditional traitors death. In the event, he jumped from the gallows, breaking his own neck, avoiding the horror of being cut down while still alive. His lifeless body was hacked into quarters. His remains were sent to the four corners of the kingdom as a warning to others.

Best Wishes for Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Bonfire Night. From all of the staff here at Kingston Cabinets.