Safety for Children in the Home

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Children Come First

We all want our children to be safe, everywhere. Children come first in our list of priorities. Things happen that we cannot always control, however there are other things that we can. So our focus is controlling the things that we can.

Scalds and Burns

Children suffer burns after contact with cookers, irons, kettles, radiators and many other hot surfaces. Children who go to accident and emergency with a burn or a scald are referred on for further hospital treatment. Recovery may be long and painful, and many are left with permanent scarring.

A child's skin is much more sensitive than an adults. Hot drinks cause most scalds to children under the age of five. They can still scald a child 15 minutes after being made. Hot bath water is responsible for the highest number of fatal and severe scalding injuries among young children. Around 500 children, mainly under fives, are admitted to hospital and a further 2000 attend A&E departments every year as a result of bath water scalds in the UK.

Our Bloggers' Solution

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Kingston Cabinets are a company that we have found, who are highly reputable for their first class, made to measure products and services for all of your household furniture requirements. We have asked all of the difficult questions when it comes to children's safety at home. Kingston Cabinets know what they are talking about. With their ten years of establishment in the Radiator Cabinet and Covers business, we talk to them about what they can do to put one of these worries out of our mind.

Though in-house trials, Kingston Cabinets have established the best designs to support children's safety in the home by covering our piping hot radiators. Kingston Cabinets children's radiator covers are a way of being not only safe but fun and come in many designs, which can be changed to suit your tastes, tailored to fit that cherished baby room in your beloved home.

The Problem People Face

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Kingston Cabinets tailor designs to reinforce the fronts of all of their children's radiator covers. When you have little ones tearing around the place, accidents can happen and grilles can be accidentally pushed in. With the reinforcing of the fronts, they incorporate a more robust and durable frame and reduces the risk of breaking the grilles, framework and causing injury to your loved ones. With the below rocket you can see that the white grille has such a small aperture size, that children have no space for their tiny fingers to poke through.

The Product

Children's Radiator Cover

Kingston Cabinets have a guarantee that we would like as consumers from all of our suppliers. The genuine want to help, achieve and meet the needs in our homes with a solution for issues faced. Kingston Cabinets are the experts and lets face it, experts are needed in all industries, to educate those that are not readily working to find these solutions.

They have put together designs that work for convection, combined with materials of the highest quality on the market in heat technology. Through consistent commitment to research, development and ongoing investment in technology, Kingston Cabinets use MEDITE as the leading brand in the MDF market. A green dense and robust product, unlike chipboard as the below image.

What Not To Recommend

At Kingston, they do not recommend the off the shelf, mass produced radiator covers that are flooding the market, due to its poor quality chipboard structure. Chipboard MDF is like Maltesers Chocolate inside and holds moisture well, making your cover bend and warp in due course.

Kingston Cabinets would not recommend using chipboard MDF radiator cover if you can avoid it. Mass produced products are generally of poor quality, made on the cheap. You will have the sides popping out in no time, becoming a very misshaped cover on your radiator, which you will shortly want to replace.

Chipboards also chip upon the slightest contact. If you accidentally pull your vacuum cleaner past your chipboard MDF radiator cover, you will soon be taking corners out of it. Or creating dents in the sides as chipboards cave in with impact thanks to its Malteser like composition. At Kingston Cabinets, they guarantee their product to be highly robust and durable, outliving these cosmetic impacts.

Covers Not Fit for Children

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Yes their are some very cute and fitting children’s radiator cover out there for baby's and children's rooms. However, they do not tend to be practical. There are two major problems with some of their designs. Kingston Cabinets want to make these known to those of you who are looking for safety first for your children.

Two things to look out for:

    1. Grilles at the front that have cut outs where children can insert their little feet and get to the top, using the cut out, as stepping blocks. Some patterns are not suitable despite the theme.
    2. Kingston Cabinets tell us that they would not design a big open vent at the top, allowing their exploring hands to fit inside and burn themselves. Defeating the whole object of covering a radiator in the first instance. They can also drop toys and objects in this vent as it is so open, causing you more problems.


Child Friendly Radiator Covers by Kingston Cabinets

childrens-radiator-cabinets child radiator cover pink childs radiator cover

Kingston Cabinets explain that they can create anything for you baby’s room. Because our children come first, we sacrifice whatever it takes. Using a stars and Moon theme or Teddy Bears. You name it, they can do it. However for the rest of your home, it’s good to bare in mind some tricks of the trade. We would naturally prefer to have a sophisticated design in the rest of the home. Therefore recommend opting for a style with slats, order Vertical Slats, so children don’t use the horizontal slats as a climbing platform.

They also recommend to request round corners for the shelf. And remember the hot water pipes that lead to the radiator are just as hot. Recommending to take the most external dimensions of valve to valve, keeping as much mess behind the cover as possible. Due to Kingston Cabinets being bespoke, they can make to absolutely any dimensions that you may require.

Making Contact is Easy

Children Come First

Kingston Cabinets are the experts and pride themselves on giving good advise, answering any queries you may have. We hand them over to you to help with your needs. Call their friendly Customer Services team on 0800 988 6009 for any enquiries.