Console Table vs Radiator Cabinet

console table

Small Wonder

console table

A beautiful console table can fit with ease into nooks and crannies, between two windows in the living room for instance, along the wall in a narrow hallway and over a radiator to incorporate storage space with drawers or compartments above. If you are tight on depth, width or height for any reason, a made to measure stand is worth it's weight in gold. Investing in solid furniture which is made for purpose can only serve well in your home. They’re ideal perches for a pretty bowl or tray to hold your keys and mobile phone, or as a cosy base for a small vase of seasonal flowers or branches throughout the year.

Console Table Feature

console table

They don’t contribute much in the way of visual clutter, making them a nice counterpoint to more-elaborate pieces. And because they don’t hog attention, anything you put on them will have instant star quality.


Hallway Radiator Cabinets

radiator cabinet

Modernist but highly versatile, these clean-lined, squared-off geometrics work especially well to cover those ugly radiators you are sick of looking at. These make an attention-grabbing staging area for titanic floral arrangements or a single oversized vase.

Make to measure so that your shelf is deeper and can hold stunning plant pots, photo frames and letter desk tidies. Heighten the effect with a pair of sophisticated candle holders and candles or place a pair of lamps on top in a wallpaper-clad hallway, for a moment of extra glamour. Which ever homely items you’d wish to be greeted with as you walk through your door! They’re powerful in an entryway, especially as the first thing you see. Most importantly having one of Kingston Cabinets Radiator Cabinets is more heat efficient.

Marble Tops & Corian Tops

marble top

A console table incorporating a radiator cabinet has a real talent for showing off your artwork ornaments and beloved objects without too much compromise on space. Magical when topped with a pretty lamp or two. And even though they’re quite moderate, they work well with practically any style of furnishings.

If you are after something with a bit of added character, the top shelf can be exchanged for marble tops or what is called Coran; a man-made composite to replicate the look and feel of marble but at a fraction of the cost. The benefit also being that with Corian, you can create any colourway humanly possible, setting this material apart from it’s marble brother.

Additional Hidden Compartments & Drawers

hidden compartment

Highly decorative and stylish, these hidden compartments make room for jewellery or important documents whilst drawing away attention, leaving them without worry. A feature without handles makes for a secret compartment with a touch to open drawer. Design your hidden compartment to allow for dividers within the drawer to any width within the space. If you are a family of four, split your hallway hidden compartment into four segments. Everyone may have a space for keys or the likes.



While the name suggests an ideal place to house a small library, there’s nothing stopping you from using these multi tiered units as storage workhorses in the entryway. In a larger living room, they make wonderful sofa consoles. In the dining room, use one as a sideboard, placing the buffet on the top. With movable shelves, allow for glassware. Design the shelving with slightly more depth for your larger crockery plates and for other general functionality in your working home.


console table

Are you are refreshing your interiors, and have a few different colour themes in various rooms? Why not choose to colour match your console table to work in with your colour features. Softer colours that tend to be classic are always a winner. Furthermore this can be samey after a while, unless you prefer the traditional styles. However, colour can be brought in easily to a favourite piece of furniture and can brighten up a space effortlessly.

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