Ensuring Renewable & Sustainable Resources

Ensuring Renewable and Sustainable Resources


At Kingston Cabinets we are proud of the environmental role we play in our industry, ensuring we commit to renewable and sustainable resources. Consequently, we use low grade wood residues, small round-wood and recycled wood to produce technically advanced engineered products. We used British sourced materials and use timber from verified well-managed forests, which ensures renewable and sustainable resources. By using wood-based panels from the sawmill industry, made from recycled wood residue, we help to ensure that timber is valued as a limited raw material.

Respect for Nature & its Materials


With technological innovations that have led the greater market to advances in areas such as finish quality, moisture resistance, flame retardancy and many more solid woods and MDF attributes, we include our responsibility to the environment. This technology helps us to engage with renewable and sustainable resources. We are proud that timber-based products are at the heart of our business, but are not complacent about the impact of our operations to the planet as a company, making every effort to minimise any environmental impact, we ensure a future that benefits the company, customers, the public and the planet. 

Research & Development

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Through consistent commitment to research, development and ongoing investment in technology, we have established that the materials we use are the leading brands in the market by introducing a wide variety of quality products and consumer led innovations.

For us, setting high environmental standards come naturally. Therefore, we aim to get the highest possible yield from our input materials. The result is cost-effective production with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Environment & Responsibilities


We accept our responsibility to defend and protect the quality of land, air and water. Furthermore, we constantly monitor our use of water and energy to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. As a first step in environmental responsibility, we expect everyone to minimise waste. We want to set a standard for cleanliness in our industry and strive to produce as little waste as possible. We expect everyone (employees, customers, suppliers, contractors etc) to contribute to achieve this goal.

Firstly our manufacturing process does not produce liquid waste likely to create contamination of land or water, however our vehicle emissions will have an impact on the air. We have addressed this by establishing a modern fleet of diesel vehicles for both the sales force and for our installation teams. We recognise that continuous investment in modern vehicles is the only way to take advantage of developing engine technologies, bringing reductions in both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Packaging & Wrapping Materials

We work alongside environmental companies to discharge our obligations under the Packaging & Waste (Producer Responsibility) Regulations.

We continue to work with suppliers to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging
  • Reduce packaging where possible
  • Re-use packaging for the onward distribution of product

Recycling & Waste Management

We actively seek out recycling opportunities in partnership with other companies. Over the decade since our establishment, we have an ongoing desire to educate ourselves on recycling opportunities as the world evolves and we gain the knowledge on best practice. We continue to make every effort to reduce the amount of waste. We have always prioritised in recent years to reduce the amount of waste we generate during the manufacturing of our bespoke furniture.

Even so, some waste is an inevitable by-product of our business processes. Focus has therefore turned towards the extent to which our waste is recycled. Furthermore, we work with national waste management companies to increase progressively the proportion of waste being sent for recycling. Prevention, re-use, recycling and disposal is what we adhere to and only endeavour to build on this for the future.

Renewable & Sustainable Resources

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Together with our suppliers, we strive to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact.
  • Ensure the lowest possible environmental impact to soil, water and air
  • Promote maximum recycling of wood residue from other producers
  • Handle, use, store and destroy chemicals in safe, healthy and environmentally friendly ways

Kingston Cabinets is working towards a more sustainable industry. We ensure that suppliers do not use wood from national parks, natural preserves, virgin forests and other conservation areas.


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