Expert Tips for Planning your Bedroom Storage

Kingston Cabinets Bedroom

When people think about bedroom storage, it is common that the first thought to pop into their heads is bulky plastic containers and cardboard boxes. These pose no interior benefit to your bedroom. At Kingston Cabinets, we have years of experience with crafting dream bespoke bedroom storage solutions for a wide range of clients. With our years of expertise, we have learned quite a few things along the way.

Make Room for Workspace in your Bedroom Storage

Before you do anything, it is a good idea to create a workspace, so you can put together a clear plan of what you want from your bedroom storage. Start by clearing your bed and stack your bedding in one area. This is the space where all your critical decisions will be made and will help to segment your work.

Don’t spill everything onto your bed. Instead, take it one step at a time. So, for example, pull out one drawer and decide what will stay and what will go.

This idea that everything you tidy away for more space and nothing else is unrealistic. Minimalism is one thing, but you could find storage that complements your bedroom. Think about your personal style, how you want your bedroom to look as a whole and how you want it to make you feel when you come home. Your storage solutions should be a part of the finished design!


In a dream world, we would have ample floor space for every piece of furniture and accessory in our bedrooms. However, if you have limited floor space to work with, there are plenty of options available to you. It’s just about assessing the space around you and thinking of the best options for your situation. From vertical space to under bed storage, there is always a storage solution for each person’s individual needs.

Being Selective about your Storage Space

Creating designated storage areas can make your bedroom feel much less cluttered. You could add a few accessories to your windowsill and bring it to life, but don’t get carried away. You don’t need to use every flat surface as a storage area, this can just re-clutter the space you cleared!

Fitted or Freestanding?

There are benefits to freestanding, such as mobility if you ever get bored of your layout, but it’s not the same as having seamlessly fitted furniture. Freestanding is for any bedroom, but bespoke is for YOUR bedroom. At Kingston Cabinets, we are proud to provide a wonderful range of bespoke fitted wardrobes and other hand-crafted furniture. These are designed to keep your bedroom free from clutter without compromising fantastic, high-quality design.

Light Pollution

Lighting is wonderful. It can set the tone for any room, whether it be cosy and romantic, or fresh and bright. However, plan your lighting in the wrong way and you can leave your bedroom feeling cluttered. Low hanging lights can shrink the height of the room, cast shadows and leave the space feeling cramped. Mirrors are great for expanding the light and keeping the lights high up can expand the special feeling.


There is nothing wrong with turning to Pinterest for ideas! If you find yourself stuck for ideas, it’s always worth checking online to see what wonderful creative methods other people have come up with.

Kingston Cabinets are here to Help

Our design experts are here to offer you honest and useful advice. If you’re not sure how you can get more bedroom storage space, then get in touch. We can offer a free home design visit to determine the kind of bespoke furniture you require and how we can fit your ideas with your needs. Contact Kingston Cabinets today for more information.