Floating Shelves & Storage Quality

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The Best Use of Space

Anyone who has ever lived in a tiny flat, understands that small-space living comes with a list of difficulties that we all would wish to change. However, we recognise that this too, is a challenge. To change things that aren't always a quick, easy, painless-experience-fix, without a price tag, is what we usually perceive. But this doesn't have to always be the case. It all boils down to planning and a bit of forethought to maximise your flat and what it gives back to you. Those once cramped spaces become functional and eye-catching, with a bit of focus and want. It isn't impossible. Two words..Floating Shelves!

Forethought & Focus

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Focus...say cheese. Do you need storage for kids toys and books? Do you need more space in your kitchen? What can be lifted off the floor to give you more room to breathe? Or do you just need your head clear, for your desk space. Make sure to be precise as to the function of the space. Ask yourself questions about how you use the room now? What short comings does it have? What do you need from this room now? Why should you make these changes and how will they benefit you in the long run? After all, it's most cost effective to do this once. So don't short cut it. If you do it properly the first time, through a high quality bespoke manufacturer, a made to measure product will last you the lifetime of your home or business.  Asking these types of questions will help you identify your specific problem areas.

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Some of the most modern go-to places these days love a good floating shelf. It looks stylish whilst doing a job. They are popular; creating clean, linear aesthetics that just work for most spaces, both in the home and in your business. Secure them on top of trendy wall brackets or hide away the brackets all together.


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The choice is endless depending on the look you are trying to achieve, the colours you want to use and what is available to you on the market within your budget. A nice rose gold bracket against an oak shelf defines that little touch of contemporary and traditional class; rose gold versus wood of the earth. Paint your wall and shelves in contrasting colours or keep within a timeless theme and maintain simplicity. Furthermore, simple is best; don't paint at all. Keep your shelves in natural wood. Varnish and wood stain to your taste.

Wall to Wall

Don't waste your time. If you are prepared to make a good feature out of your floating shelves, do it right the first time. Wall to wall shelving may answer your prayers. Maximise on your definition of space and you will be praising later that you didn't hesitate.

Do you have a tight corner or a thin hallway, yet could do with the space for items that are shoved in a basket or cupboard that you desperately want to display? Give your home that little extra loved, homeliness, welcoming lived in feeling, that is your own. What is stopping you? It is possible with a bit of expertise and planning. Sometimes one tip makes all the difference.

Your Room

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Most of us would agree that small space living requires a certain amount of flexibility and creativity. With the help of made to measure furniture manufacturers, they will source the correct solution and make to measure for your specific space. When done right, there’s no reason why even the tightest of spaces can’t showcase a design worthy of acclaim. 

Shelving from Floor to Ceiling

Is there an alcove space that bothers you? Dead space? A space you know that you can use but is currently out of order? Why not add floating shelves to this space? Floor to ceiling shelves can be a great source of additional storage that one would not think to use. Furthermore, if the space in question allows, then why not? Shall it not be of importance to you, to give yourself this much needed accessory for both practicality and functionality? Particularly for those with children who who just need to squeeze more out of everything. 

Love Long Lasting?

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Floating shelves when done by professionals will always be efficient. With that in mind, when fitted within an alcove you can guarantee that the support of all three sides make the shelves incredibly robust in its functionality, as it is supported by three angles.

No Boat To Float?

Likewise, if you are unsure of the floating idea, why not go for something that makes you feel more at ease. General shelving can be made functional and fashionable. You will love being organised.

Shelves with Hidden Storage Below

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For those of you who like to have things tidied away, you can maximise on your shelving space and add doors to the base unit to hide away those areas you just don't want to be seen. We all love a good board game, but they just don't stack so well when piled together. Don't we just know it. 

Display Purpose or Practicality?

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Do you want the use of floating shelves for display purposes or practicality? Do you have ornaments or special pieces of art that you need housed in a particular way? Are you worried to allow this space within your design due to the limitations a floating shelf may give? Why not create gaps within your planning for those things that are that slight bit taller? Or break up the rows so visually, the look isn't too harsh. Your style; what ever you choose will have great impact, and you will have wished you'd started sooner. 

There are many a business out there to assist you, but you should invest your time and effort on a business that cares about the final product and the satisfaction of their client, not matter how big or small. Kingston Cabinets are the company to contact if you want a quality made to measure product, with the customer first at hand.