Kingston Radiator Cabinets Deliver Traditional Radiator Cover in Bristol


Kingston Cabinets were very pleased to deliver a distinct, traditional radiator cabinet to Mr K, in Bristol, who wanted a unique piece of furniture to match the decor and style of their period home.

Kingston Radiator Cabinets Request from Bristol

We were recently contacted by a client on our website, who came to us looking to improve the aesthetics of their beautiful period home in Bristol.

Mr K had an existing hall radiator that, although not an eyesore, did not match the decor of his period house. Kingston Radiator Cabinets were able to visit and talk to Mr K, who had some specific requirements.

Period Home with Specific Requirements

Mr K’s property was nothing less than beautiful. A period home with many original features and fittings, it had been decorated with great style and taste. However, the radiator in the entrance hall offered nothing to the overall aesthetic, and being one of the first things Mr K and his visitors saw on entering the house, it was a constant source of irritation.

Mr K was keen to find the right solution to covering the radiator, but was adamant that any radiator cabinet that was installed needed to be designed to fit into the style and period of the house. This meant that an off-the-shelf cabinet from one of the many suppliers out there was would definitely not be able to deliver.

On top of this, it was important for the client that their new radiator cabinet was made from quality materials, and using the best craftsmanship to fit perfectly into the entrance hall and match the other furniture in the home. With a build like this, anything less than the best just wouldn’t be good enough.

Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet – A true blend of style and class

With an automatic sense of class and style, the obvious choice for Mr K was our unique Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet.

This bespoke traditional radiator cabinet can be designed and personalised to complement the decor of any home, but is ideally suited to classical and traditional homes, such as Mr K’s in Bristol.

Belgravia Bespoke Radiator Cabinet Options

With the endless choice of styles and finishes available, Mr K was able to you have create a bespoke traditional radiator cabinet as unique as the beautiful Bristol home.

By selecting each element, from the diamond grille option to the exact colour and cover profile, we were able to build for Mr K a classically styled piece of furniture that blends into the entrance hall with charm and distinction.

Mr K also opted for a single front grille without centerpiece, to maximise heat distribution and deliver a simple fuss-free front profile. However, he did opt for the grooved front side panels, to give an element of bespoke quality.

Kingston Cabinets Deliver a Perfect Bespoke Solution

By working closely with Mr K and taking note of all his requirements, our skilled craftsmen at Kingston Radiator Cabinets were able to build a piece of furniture that exactly matched the customer's needs and requirements. We were very happy to complete the project and deliver and build the entire cabinet to the perfect satisfaction of the customer.

We were especially pleased to be able to work on such a delightful home in Bristol, and Mr K has told us how happy he is with the results. As you can see from the picture, the Belgravia is perfectly suited to this type of home, and with the additional options, can be made utterly unique to each house and room.

Personalising Your Own Made-to-Measure Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet

If you have a very specific home or style of house that requires something a little more than the ordinary, why not talk to us at Kingston Radiator Cabinets.

Is your home like Mr K’s in Bristol? Is there a specific colour you prefer? Or perhaps you feel that a regency grille and a square corner profile would suit your home more accordingly than a diamond grill and rounded corner profile.

At Kingston Radiator Cabinets, the power is in your hands to design your Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet to your specific requirements, just like Mr K in Bristol.

Why not contact us today to see how we can add that touch of class to your home.