Bespoke Bookshelf in Cheshire

Who doesn’t love a good read? At Kingston Cabinets, we have many who come to us in need of more storage space for all their literary entertainment, and we can see why. Books are personal and connect with the reader.… Continue Reading

Keeping an Energy Efficient Home

Towards a brighter future for your pennies and pounds. Turn a spring clean into an energy saving opportunity. Decluttering and cleaning could prompt energy-saving actions. Small changes will make a huge difference to your home and your incoming bills. It… Continue Reading

The Importance of Home Storage

Most people choose to move to a new house because they feel they need more space. However, there is an issue with the majority of new build properties. While you may be getting more rooms in the property, space is… Continue Reading

bespoke fitted furniture

Bespoke Furniture Design in London

We love having a range of creative clients who know what they want. Although we equally enjoy working with clients who may not be exactly sure of what they need, it is certainly a treat when we have people come… Continue Reading

Bespoke Media Centre in Cheshire

Who doesn’t love hidden features in the home? At Kingston Cabinets, we can create the perfect hideaway installations for your bespoke fitted furniture. Recently, we created a bespoke media centre with an intriguing feature that will wow guests.

Bespoke Radiator Cabinets in Cheshire

There is nothing that can make a home feel more complete than the installation of beautifully Bespoke Radiator Cabinets throughout. And for our latest project, Mrs P came to us for just that. Her lovely detached cottage in Cheshire needed… Continue Reading

Bespoke Radiator Cabinets in Earling

There is nothing that makes us prouder than when our customers are so happy with our products that they return for more. Doing so reinforces our beliefs that our service truly is something of value. So, when Ms E, one… Continue Reading