furniture in fashion

Furniture In Fashion

Are you planning to redesign rooms within your flat or home? Need help with furniture and want to keep in with whats fashionable both in traditional and contemporary design? Do you have a vague plan as to how you want… Continue Reading

Ensuring Renewable and Sustainable Resources

Ensuring Renewable & Sustainable Resources

  At Kingston Cabinets we are proud of the environmental role we play in our industry, ensuring we commit to renewable and sustainable resources. Consequently, we use low grade wood residues, small round-wood and recycled wood to produce technically advanced… Continue Reading

Kingston Cabinets Bedroom

Expert Tips for Planning your Bedroom Storage

When people think about bedroom storage, it is common that the first thought to pop into their heads is bulky plastic containers and cardboard boxes. These pose no interior benefit to your bedroom. At Kingston Cabinets, we have years of… Continue Reading