Childrens Radiator Cabinet

Personalised Radiator Cabinets for 2018

2017 has been quite a year, for so many reasons. Here at Kingston Cabinets, we’ve had an exciting year, but we can honestly say that we have never had such wonderful feedback from our lovely customers. Thank you everyone who… Continue Reading

Radiator Cover - Keeping Your Home Warm

Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter – 5 Common Mistakes

It’s getting colder outside, which means that many homeowners are reaching for the radiator thermostat to turn up the heat. But before you do, make sure your need to stay warm isn’t costing you too much.

heating efficiency

7 Tips for keeping your home warm this winter

The weather has definitely become more wintry. Which means that across the country, people are switching on their radiators and turning to central heating to keep their homes warm. According to Government stats, heating homes accounts for over 70% of… Continue Reading


Request for a bespoke Radiator Cover and Bookcase

Mr C from Croydon contacted us requesting a bespoke radiator cover for his home along with a hand-built bookcase. Kingston Radiator Cabinets were able to build a bespoke radiator cabinet and bookcase that fitted perfectly and discreetly into the desired… Continue Reading