Saving Space with a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

Designer Luxury Headboards

So, you have decided to opt for bespoke fitted wardrobes.  Perhaps with a mirrored door, sliding as opposed to pull open, and you want it to complete the room. It’s important to think about the design when it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture. However, it is also just as important to think about the internal storage solutions.  The Internal storage can have a big impact on how much you can keep tucked away. This week, we’re looking past aesthetics and focusing on the benefits of saving space in your bespoke fitted wardrobe.

A bespoke fitted wardrobe is ideal for keeping a decluttered bedroom

It’s safe to say that everyone has a lot more stuff than they care to admit these days. And while this applies to clothes, shoes, and other items you tend to find in the wardrobe, it also applies to technology, gadgets and other gizmos we tend to leave lying around the house.

Our bespoke fitted wardrobes at Kingston Cabinets are designed with your storage needs in mind. From hanger heavy rails, to interiors with shelving and drawers at the size you see fit. This means that whatever you tend to find lying around the bedroom causing clutter can always have a place in your bespoke fitted wardrobe!

More space inside means more space outside

In other words, when it comes to saving space with your bespoke fitted wardrobe.  The more you utilise the space within will mean you have even more space in the bedroom. This means you can focus more on the aesthetics of your bedroom as opposed to more storage solutions, as all your clothes and clutter will be tucked away neatly in your bespoke fitted wardrobe.

This also means your room will appear bigger. There will be less in the way of furnishings to block light from spreading through the room, and you can enjoy the space as a place to relax as opposed to a place that always needs tidying.

You will have an excuse to buy new furniture to match your bespoke fitted wardrobe
I mean, if you’re going to install a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you may as well continue with the rest of the bedroom. With all this new space, you may fear it looks TOO empty! With all this extra room to use up, why not jazz up the rest of the space with a bespoke radiator cabinet or a personalised media centre? Take a look at our gallery to see what we have created for other customers.

Still want a stylish, bespoke fitted wardrobe?

Of course, it’s natural to put aesthetics as a priority, and our experts at Kingston Cabinets are here to make sure you get the bespoke fitted wardrobe you are looking for. We can design a bespoke fitted wardrobe with your bedroom theme in mind, while ensuring that all storage solutions are implemented as necessary. So, get in touch today to see how we can help bring your ideas to life.