5 Ways To Get More Space From Small Bedrooms

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Struggling with finding enough storage space from your small bedrooms? Here are 5 Ways To Get More Space From Small Bedrooms.  Our top tips for getting more storage space from your sleep space.

Making the Most of a Small Bedroom

With the new year many of us are looking to make more out of our living spaces. It makes sense to want to maximise the space in small bedrooms. We are big advocates of doing more with less and encouraging our clients to find new and innovative ways to create space and style in their homes.

For those who have small bedrooms, especially children’s bedrooms, it can be difficult to simply declutter, instead, it’s more important to make the most of available storage to fit more in. Here are five smart ways to fit more storage in your bedroom without making it feel cramped. We have the small bedroom storage solutions.

1. Under the Bed Storage

There are plenty of Feng Shui experts who advocate a clear sleeping environment, but one of the simplest and easiest ways to add a whole area of storage to your bedroom is to make use of the unused space. There are a couple of good options when it comes to under-bed storage.

  • Storage Beds – incorporating a divan with deep drawers under the bed
  • Under Bed Storage Containers – look for the ones with rollers for easy removal

Storage containers can be obtained easily from suppliers, but we suggest looking for black or grey boxes that are not so blindingly storage containers, or adding a bed skirt to hide.

2. Organise Your Drawers

Many people have sets of drawers in their small bedrooms stuffed to capacity. But we often don’t store items with the best use of space. We can't stress enough the value of great folding and using drawer dividers. Taking the time to properly store the clothing you've got in your drawers can help you find more storage space.

There are also some expert methods, such as vacuum packing out-of-season clothing. This is especially useful for bulky winter items, or the holiday gear we only pull out once a year.

3. Find unused space in the Wardrobes

Wardrobes can be a great storage space, but many of us don’t keep them very well organised. Milking every inch of storage space might mean adding shoe shelves or extra storage boxes to keep those larger bulkier items neatly. If you don’t have lots of long items, you might want to add a second clothing rod to double up the space.

4. Make Better Use of the Radiator With A Fitted Radiator Cabinet

Quite often, the radiator in your bedroom is small, but it can still take up nearly all of one wall space. This doesn’t have to be dead space if you install a radiator cabinet. You can use it for book storage, towels or a range of other items.

Our Kingston Cabinets radiator covers can be incorporated together with a bookcase to really maximise your storage capabilities. There are a wide range of styles and finishes available from Kingston Cabinets, including bookcases above with doors or just simply a bookcase with floor to ceiling shelves all in the same designs, profiles and colours of our made to measure radiator cabinet range. Making the most of small bedrooms and their capacity.

5. Fitted Wardrobes

It may seem counterintuitive if you have got a really small bedroom floor plan to begin with, but installing shallow wardrobes along a whole wall will create a cozy feel to the entire room. Whilst adding lots of extra storage space, fitted wardrobes designed exactly for your room will never feel bulky like a big piece of furniture might feel. Installing in a light color will also help to fight the claustrophobic feel.

At Kingston Cabinets we understand that the bedroom is your own precious space to retreat to at the end of each day. Your bedroom should reflect you as an individual and the specific style and practicality to suit your tastes; our bespoke fitted bedroom furniture can do just that.

The choice of our fitted bedroom furniture is endless. With a generous selection of quality materials and finishes for all of our bespoke fitted bedroom furniture, we can design your fitted bedroom to your exact specifications.

Additionally, in our 5 Ways To Get More Space From Small Bedrooms blog, if you are unsure of what you desire, our team of experienced designers are trained to an exceptional standard and can help in advising you every step of the way.

Talk to us today and let us help you make the best use of your small bedroom in 2018.