The Importance of Quality When Buying Radiator Cabinets

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Although there may be hundreds of brands who design and manufacture a wide pool of radiator cabinet styles, it does not mean that the quality standards will be consistent. Quite the opposite in fact, as the quality and performance from one product to another can differ on quite a large scale.

The importance of quality is linked directly to what it is you expect of the products you have purchased. Here at Kingston Cabinets, we specialise exclusively in bespoke items of furniture of the most outstanding quality, which guarantee the best possible value for money every time. We design and deliver radiator cabinets of a higher standard of quality, which brings together superior performance and timeless elegance in equal measures.

So while you may find yourself tempted to invest in products of a lower standard for the sake of saving money in an instant, there are many disadvantages to think about when it comes to investing less in your radiator cabinets.

Hot Surfaces

Depending on the way in which the cabinet has been designed and manufactured, there is every possibility that its exterior could potentially become extremely hot to the touch. It is obvious to say that this is a particularly important consideration if you have pets or young children at home. We make it our mission to create premium units which, along with beautiful aesthetics also add an element of safety to your interior living spaces.

Poor Heat Distribution

Though you may have read elsewhere that radiator cabinets trap heat and prevent heat from circulating the home, this is simply not the case. Investing in a high-quality radiator cabinet can functionally improve the heat distribution and increase efficiency to your homes heating system.

Our radiator cabinets are intelligently and thoughtfully designed, so that your home benefits from them in more ways than just interior décor. You will therefore benefit from a home that is not only more comfortable, but also more energy efficient. In turn, this will save you money long term.

Warping, Splitting and Fading

While you may notice that many radiator cabinets on the market look quite similar to one another, you will find that there is a distinct difference with the quality of the materials used to manufacture them.

Depending on the type of wood that is used during manufacturing and how long it has been finished or treated, there are particular cabinets that are prone to warping, splitting, fading and appear tired and worn within no time whatsoever. We do not use chipboards, we use robust, dense and resilient materials which will last the lifetime of the home.

We specialise in radiator cabinets using products that do the exact opposite of bending and warping from the heat and moisture given off by the radiator. With minimal care and upkeep after installation, radiator cabinets from Kingston Cabinets will guarantee you a visually appealing fully furnished product and serve as a real asset and beautiful addition to your home in the long run.

The Perfect Fit for your Home

And finally, we can assure you that every product we offer is manufactured to order in line with your requirements and personal preferences. As opposed to being subjected to choosing from an “off the shelf, mass produced” range of generic products that all your neighbours are likely to have copies of, we go the extra mile by designing something bespoke for you that will complement your home beautifully. You may find that there are compatible products available from generic manufacturers, but if you want to create something that is truly perfect for your home, nothing comes close to custom design and manufacturing.

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