A Unique Radiator Cover To Fit into an Awkward Space in Period Cambridge Home


Mrs G from Cambridge had a particular problem fitting a radiator cover into her period home with contemporary finish. Kingston Radiator Cabinets were able to build a bespoke radiator cabinet that fitted perfectly and discreetly into the desired space.

Kingston Radiator Cabinets Visit Cambridge

Mrs G from Cambridge contacted Kingston Radiator Cabinets through our website, looking for a bespoke cabinet to cover a radiator that was situated in a tricky space.

The radiator was placed in the hall beneath the stairs. However, there was a dado rail that was a permanent feature of the house that Mrs G was keen to keep. It was also important that the radiator cover sat discreetly within the styling of the house.

Kingston Radiator Cabinets were able to visit the period property in Cambridge, asses the space, and deliver the best possible solution for Mrs G.

Period Home with Traditional Styling

Mrs G’s property is a period home in Cambridge. With many of the original features and fittings still in place, it was important to Mrs G that these were maintained. The house had been decorated in a traditional style, and the radiator cabinet that Mrs G required needed to fit into this styling.

Not only that, but with the dado rail and small space beneath the stairs, it was important that the radiator cabinet that was to be installed was designed to fit neatly into the space, without incumbering the walkway or doorway that was adjacent.

Off-the-shelf cabinets were not an option for Mrs G. Which is why she approached Kingston’s bespoke service. Their new radiator cabinet needed made from quality materials, and using the best craftsmanship to fit perfectly into the hall space and match the other furniture in the home. With a build like this, anything less than the best just wouldn’t be good enough.

Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet

With the need to fit a traditional feel in a period home, Mrs G opted for the unique Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet with some personal touches to give the sense of style she was looking for.

The Belgravia bespoke traditional radiator cabinet can be designed and personalised to complement the decor of any home, but is ideally suited to classical and period homes, such as Mrs G’s in Cambridge.

Belgravia Bespoke Radiator Cabinet Options

All radiator cabinets from Kingston Cabinets come with an almost endless choice of styles and finishes available. Mrs G was able to choose a particular grille option that gave her cabinet a unique finish.

By selecting each element, from the brass mesh grille to the exact colour and cover profile, we were able to build for Mrs G a traditional styled piece of furniture that fits perfectly into the space, blending with the period features to give a discreet radiator cover that has added an extra element of class to the decor.

Kingston Cabinets Deliver a Perfect Bespoke Solution

By working closely with Ms G and taking note of all her requirements, our skilled craftsmen at Kingston Radiator Cabinets were able to build a piece of furniture that fitted exactly into the desired space, in a way that an off-the-shelf radiator cabinet never could.

We were very happy to complete the project, deliver and build the entire cabinet to the perfect satisfaction of the Mrs G and in perfect keeping with her Cambridge home.

Personalising Your Own Made-to-Measure Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet

If you have a very specific home or style of house that requires something a little more than the ordinary, why not talk to us at Kingston Radiator Cabinets.

Is your home like Mrs G’s in Cambridge? Do you have a radiator in an awkward space that you’d like to cover?  At Kingston Radiator Cabinets, the power is in your hands to design your Belgravia Traditional Radiator Cabinet to your specific requirements.

Why not contact us today to see how we can add that touch of class to your home.